Best Mac Protection Tools of 2018

Do you have a Mac and are wondering if you need antivirus or not? In the previous year, many large organizations were hit with Petya ransomware and the WannaCry attacks. Thankfully, there are some steps to keep your device patched up and install a good quality antivirus software program. Why do we need an antivirus? Read more about Best Mac Protection Tools of 2018[…]

Best Way to Sell your Old iPhone

The market is getting more and more occupied with technologies, but the fascination with iPhones is never-ending. Here are some ideas where you can get the most efficient payment for your used iPhone. With the advent of new iPhones, it’s time to start thinking of the old ones. For many reasons, we want to buy Read more about Best Way to Sell your Old iPhone[…]

How To Use The Measure App On iOS 12?

One of the great features that we’ve got to see in iOS 12 is an augmented reality app called Measure. This app has been designed by Apple to make it easier for you to measure a range of the real-world objects using 3D spatial detection techniques. This app works pretty well in pinch but doesn’t Read more about How To Use The Measure App On iOS 12?[…]

Tips for More Secure Passwords

Generally, people are well aware of the value of passwords. While some still think of it as a child’s game. Even if you are uninterested in technology, you must be interested in posting your pictures and events on social networking sites. Setting unique passwords may be a challenging task, but it is quite inevitable. Hackers Read more about Tips for More Secure Passwords[…]

How To Factory Reset The Google Chromecast?

At some point, you are going to need to factory reset the Chromecast you have and the options to reset Chromecast are a bit hidden in order to avoid an unintentional or accidental reset. Resetting the Google Chromecast wipes all your user information and settings, and makes your Chromecast as if you’ve just taken it Read more about How To Factory Reset The Google Chromecast?[…]