August 7, 2018 – Download and Install or Reinstall Office 365

The USP of any and all Microsoft device is the Microsoft Office Suite. MS Office is a one-stop utility suite that contains a range of software and applications that can cater to all your computing needs. For creating, editing, viewing, and printing textual data, you have the Microsoft Word. For creating slideshows, adding multimedia and animation, and presenting it, you can make use of the Microsoft PowerPoint. For analyzing and computing data, to present it in the graphical and infographics format, and to create spreadsheets Microsoft Excel can come in handy.

It also offers additional features through apps like OneNote, OneDrive, Access, and Publisher. Due to the popularity of the Microsoft Office Suite, you gain extreme portability considering that the files that you send can be opened on any device irrespective of the platform. Therefore, having a copy of Microsoft Office is a having a treasure chest on your device. To avail your Office 365 subscription, go to

If you wish to land your hands on the gem, follow the steps given below to download, install and activate Microsoft Office 365 setup.

Download Microsoft Office 365 Setup

Office 365 setup needs to be downloaded to the device. You can download it from the internet by following the steps given below:

  1. First, check if your device meets the minimum system requirements to install Microsoft Office.
  2. Uninstall any previous versions Microsoft Office that you may have on your device.
  3. If your copy of Microsoft Office comes with a product key, you can redeem it in your Microsoft account and get Office Suite.
  4. Visit the Microsoft website at and log into your Microsoft Account.
  5. If you do not remember your signing in credentials, choose the “forgot password” option.
  6. If you do not have a Microsoft account, create one as it barely takes time.
  7. Remember to sign into the account that has made the purchase or contains the licensed copy of the software.
  8. You will land on the Office home page. Click on the “Install Office” option and select “Install.”
  9. You will be redirected from the Overview page and then once you select the language and version that you wish to download and click on “Install.”
  10. Your download will begin automatically.
  11. When the Office 365 setup gets downloaded, proceed to the installation process.

You can download your files and install them using your online installer, but Microsoft also offers a nifty offline Microsoft Office 365 installer, which you can legally download for free! The tool is more helpful if you wish to install MS Office in 5 devices and you do not have to constantly sign in to your Microsoft Account per install.

Install Microsoft Office 365 Setup

With just a few simple steps and clicks, you can install MS Office 365 on your computer. Follow the steps given here for Office 365 installation:

  1. You can either click on the file directly and run it from your browser, or you can search for the downloaded file in your default download location.
  2. The device will give you a prompt asking if you wish to allow the app to make changes to your device. Click on yes.
  3. The installation process will then begin.
  4. Once Microsoft Office has been installed on your system, you will receive a prompt saying “You’re all set! Office is installed now.” Along with the message, an animation will play that will show you where you can locate the Microsoft Office applications.
  5. Select Close and follow the steps shown on your screen to find the Microsoft Office applications. Click on one to start the Office tool.

Activate Office 365 Setup

If you have entered the product key on your Microsoft Office account, your Office would be automatically activated, and all that you need to do is accept the license agreement and commence your journey into the magical world of Microsoft Office 365.

However, it may be possible that you will receive a prompt from the Microsoft Office Activation Wizard that asks you how you wish to activate Microsoft Office. In this scenario, you can select the option where you can activate the software over the Internet or over the telephone.

  1. If you choose the former (Internet option), you will be redirected to the Microsoft page.
  2. Log into your Microsoft account once again and attempt activating the Office Suite from your account.
  3. You can also activate the software by answering a telephonic call made to the phone number registered to the Microsoft Account.

Once your Microsoft Office is activated, you can make full and absolute use of the licensed version of the super tool – Microsoft Office 365.