How to Upload Live Photos on Photos

Instagram which earlier was a just a photo-sharing social media, gained popularity for sharing Live Photos with Boomerang format along with the feature to have conversations with other Instagram users. The amazing filters which were later added in the app attracted more and more people. If you have captured a good photograph, and want to share it with your followers on Instagram, then follow the steps mentioned in the guide and upload the Live Photo on Instagram.

How to upload the live photos on Instagram

Sharing Live Photos on Instagram is an easy task, but it comes with limitations. The first thing that you should remember before uploading live photos is that the photo must be captured in last 24 hours and the second thing you need to remember is that it will be uploaded as in the Boomerang format. If you agree to these conditions, then follow the steps to live upload a photograph on Instagram.

  1. Launch the Instagram app in your device.
  2. Now swipe right to create a new story.
  3. It will open the camera.
  4. Tap on the bottom left of the screen to visit the captured images.
  5. You will see all the photographs that you captured in the last 24 hours.
  6. Tap on the live photo to upload it.
  7. Now long press on the screen to enable the 3D Touch to create the Boomerang effect.
  8. When the live photo is turned to the Boomerang, you are ready to share it on Instagram.
  9. You can also share the file with individual followers.
  10. In this way, you can simply share a live photo on your Instagram.

Remember if the Live Photo is not uploaded or you cannot upload the Live Photo, then convert them into GIFs and upload on Instagram. If you are looking for the best app to make or create a GIF, then refer to the app developed by Google. Or else you can upload a photo by converting it into the video.

But there are some limitations to it which if you agree then you will be able to upload it. There is aviary of third-party applications capable of converting a photo into a video, but it is Instagram having some issues. Instagram does not accept videos less than 3 seconds, and the Live Photos lengths to 1.5 seconds and hence it is acceptable because it is not a video.

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