How To Factory Reset The Google Chromecast?

At some point, you are going to need to factory reset the Chromecast you have and the options to reset Chromecast are a bit hidden in order to avoid an unintentional or accidental reset. Resetting the Google Chromecast wipes all your user information and settings, and makes your Chromecast as if you’ve just taken it out of the box.

Note: Before you start resetting the Chromecast, make sure that your Chromecast is hooked up to your TV and has been connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your computer.

However, whether you have a new or older Chromecast, now you can efficiently perform a factory reset because we have brought you a simple and straightforward process to do so. Read this article and follow the steps mentioned below:

For Newer Chromecasts

  1. Launch the Google Home app on your Smartphone. This app basically controls your Chromcast.
  2. In the app, go to the settings menu. You will find it in the upper right corner of the graphics near your Chromecast’s name. It’s a vertical ellipsis.
  3. Here you need to select the Factory reset option from the menu. One more time, you’ll need to tap the vertical ellipsis located in the upper right corner of the app’s screen.
  4. Now you will need to confirm the option you’ve chosen. Once you tap on the OK button, it reinforces your choice, and the Chrome will reset. This is expected to solve any problem you have been having with your Chromecast.

Note: Also, you can perform a hard reset (optional). If you are not able to access the settings menu of your Chromecast for whatever reason, a hard reset can be helpful to you in that case. To do so, hold down the button on your Chromecast and the light will flash orange, and then turn white. As you see the light turning white, just release the button, and your device will be ready to set up again.

For Older Chromcast

  1. Launch the Chromcast app on your PC. The location of Chromecast app in your computer may vary, but if you have newly installed the program, you are likely to see it on your desktop. If not, go and check the Start menu, Applications or the directory where you installed the program. However, it depends on the operating system you use.
  2. Tap on the Settings option. If you have multiple Chromcasts using the same network, you need to make sure that you select the one you want to reset.
  3. Here you just have to tap on the Factory Reset Option.

Note: It is recommended not to click on Factory Reset option unless you are undoubtedly aware that you will have to go through the Chromecast’s initial setup process again.

  1. A window will now pop up asking you to confirm your action, click on Reset. Doing so will reset the factory settings, and you will be able to restart the setup process of your Google Chromecast.

Note: If this method does not work and the problems persist, you should contact Google, as your machine may be defective. If this method worked, you’re done. If not, you are recommended to read on for one final step.

  • If all else has failed and you haven’t been able to connect your computer to the Chromecast, you can still factory reset your Chromcast by pressing and holding the black button. You will find this black button right below the micro USB port.
  • When the Chromecast is associated with your TV, you have to press and hold this black button for 25 seconds.
  • When the light next to the black button starts flashing, you may let go. After one or two minutes, the device will be reset by itself, and now you can begin the initial setup process again.

Thank you for reading my article. I hope this will solve your problem.

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