How to Bulk Download All Photos on a Webpage from Chrome

This article teaches you how you can use a browser extension on your PC to collectively download all of the photos on a Chrome webpage. You’ll have to have a computer to do this, as there is no other method to install extensions or add-ons on smartphone browsers.

  1. Go to Google Chrome
  2. Navigate to the “Image Downloader extension page” – Click this opens the Image Downloader page.
  3. Select ADD TO CHROME – This button you’ll find in the top right side of the page.
  4. Press on “Add extension” when it shows on screen and by clicking it will install the Image Downloader extension and launch its Settings page.
  5. Press “Save” – You’ll find this button at the lower part of the page, and it’ll confirm that Image Downloader doesn’t lose any images on supported pages.
  6. Visit the page with images that you wish to download – Write a website address or insert the web address into the URL bar at the top of the chrome window, then hit Enter.
  7. Press the Image Downloader icon – This you’ll find at the upper right side of the Chrome window.
  8. Wait till the images load – When the Image Downloader drop-down menu launches, it’ll start searching for images on the page. This will take a while.
  9. Tick on “Select all” box. This you’ll find below the “Width and “Height” sliders.

You can even manage the sliders before ticking “Select all” if you want to filter the images you’re downloading.

  1. Press “Download” – This button you’ll find at the upper right side of the Image Downloader drop-down menu.
  2. Press on Yes – This green button you’ll find at the lower part of the drop-down menu. Pressing it will Make the chosen images to start downloading.

–    If you’ve enabled “Ask where to save each file before downloading”, then you’ve to disable it before proceeding with the downloading all of the images. And to do that first press setting, scroll down and press Advanced, and then again scroll down to the “Downloads” category and press the blue switch which says “Ask where to save each file before downloading.”

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