Guide for Changing your Twitter Password

 You must be thinking that no one can access your account without your permission. But hackers are getting smarter day by day. Change the password by going to the account settings. If you have forgotten your password then reset your password. Here’s how you can change and recent your Twitter password.

With the help of Twitter Website

  1. Go to upper right-hand side by tapping your profile picture– Now choose Settings, you will get to the settings page of your account.
  2. In the menu, tap the “Password” tab from the page of settings– It will be located under “security and privacy”.
  3. Type the existing password– When you have o change the password then just write the current password. When you don’t know the password, see the section below with name – Resetting a lost password.
  4. Type password that you have to change– Users require to write it double for the confirmation.
  5. For saving the password, tap save changes– Your new password will get applied to the Twitter account.
  6. Sign in to other devices– So now that you have changed your password, users will be confirmed out of different media. Just register a different password for signing in back.

It is entirely possible that the browser you are using might have saved the old Twitter password for making the logic easy. Users need to type the very new Twitter password another time they log out of the site.

With the help of Twitter Mobile App for iPhone

  1. Go to the browser of iPhone and revisit the site of Twitter – Your Twitter Password can’t be changed just from the Twitter app. Get to the Twitter mobile site.
  2. Make a Login along with Twitter account– Maybe the reason behind changing password is your tendency to forget it. Then see Resetting Lost Password section.
  3. Click Me tab– it will be at the head of the surface you will get to profile page of yours.
  4. Click the Gear button under the profile image– You will get to a new menu.
  5. Click button of Settings– You will get to the Settings page by doing this.
  6. Scroll down and click Change Password link– You will get to the reset form of the password.
  7. Type in your existing password–  Simply type a current password before changing it. When you can’t remember your existing password, and then have a look at the Lost Password section.
  8. Type new password– You have to verify the new one. They will ask you to enter it twice.
  9. Click Save and save new password– New password will get into effect immediately. If you were logged into multiple devices, then you will be logged out of them itself.
  10. Take help of new password and log in– Simply go to the Twitter app when you have changed your password.

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